Staff Training

From November 1st to November 3rd, the DOX Mid-year Management Conference was held in Mogan Mountain Villa, Deqing County, Zhejiang. Mogan Mountain Scenery group picture  Falcon superconductor evaluation Mid-year awards
November 27, 2019 Eason Tan
Day 1: Outreach activities-Domino Challenge Group in progress Group in progress Reaction training game From left to right: 9 Little Golden Flower Team, Offer Toto Team, Red Sea Action Team, Memorable Tonight Team The groups are showing their cards orderly Finally finished! Please watch the following domino push down video Group photo Day 2: Mid-year summary and awards (partial) complete list of awards: Overachievement Award (Independent Advisor) (Mid-Year 2018FY) Overachievement Award (Assistant Advisor) (Mid-Year 2018FY) Success Rate Excellence Award (Mid-Year 2018FY) KPI reached personal excellence award (Mid-Year 2018FY) KPI Best Execution Team List of outstanding individuals (Mid-Year 2018FY) List Contributing Excellent Team (Mid-Year 2017FY) Best Newcomer Award (Mid-Year 2018FY) Private Enterprise Development Award (Mid-Year 2018FY) Day 3: Internal training and practical operation
2018年11月27日Eason Tan
DAY 1:拓展培训-沙漠掘金沙盘游戏DAY 2:公司年中总结,经验分享,颁奖,情境管理培训DAY 3:情境管理实操
November 16, 2017 Eason Tan
培训内容: 能够根据目标听众,制定出合理的演讲目的和组织有效的内容 能够在演讲演练中展示出: 正确的心态和姿态 演讲开场介绍轮廓,激发兴趣 语言简洁,重复关键点,讲益处,举例子 合适的语音、语调、语速 恰当的身体语言 结束时总结和号召行动 能够说出演讲后需要做的事情
August 3, 2017 Eason Tan
培训内容: 法规注册 临床医学事务 临床研究 药物警戒
2017年8月1日Eason Tan