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Recent activities


In order to celebrate the company's monthly sales of more than 10 million, the company is happy to mention "Xi Cha" and I wish you all a better future!
May 12, 2020Eason Tan


The Spring Festival is coming. In line with the corporate culture of people caring, the DOX management department selects gifts such as humidifiers, smart speakers and fine tableware for all employees. Beijing Office Chengdu Office Qingdao Office Shanghai Office Figure 1 Shanghai Office Figure 2 Xi'an Office Guangzhou Office
December 25, 2019 dox


The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. The DOX management department selects beautiful and practical holiday gifts for all employees as a greeting. I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy family. Shanghai Beijing Guangzhou Xi'an Chengdu
September 4, 2019 dox


The Lunar New Year is approaching. The DOX management department has carefully selected New Year gifts for employees and extended holiday condolences. I wish you all a happy New Year, a successful career, a happy family and a lot of offers! Shanghai office staff show gifts Beijing office staff show gifts Guangzhou office staff display gifts Chengdu office staff show gifts Xi'an Office employees present gifts
Jan 30, 2019 dox


In the spirit of people caring, and the excellent style of coming to the masses from the masses, the TB location of this Q, the Beijing Office and the Xi'an Office have chosen the HONG ~ PA hall that can K ~ can kick ~ can feed ~ (In short, it is a serious business entertainment place that can sing, play games, eat, and do something else). Of course, the cold weather cannot stop the enthusiasm of the masses (off work early) to go to TB. My secret agents took a "dead" shot from the front to secretly take pictures of the little-known friends. Target or something, please contact the guy in the background for details ~ Not much to say, first come to the pot hot pot to appetite!   The airspace of the two places opens the prelude to TB ~ Next, please enjoy healthy and uplifting activities ~ DOX Yishuai invites you to BATTLE ~ It is said that these two roles play from dark to dawn ... The following scenes are not suitable for children and may cause slight discomfort. Please pay attention to the surrounding environment, thank you! IN THE END, the day of the group ’s construction happened to be the birthday of one of our colleagues and his brothers. I wish them a happy birthday again! The first story of TB's first episode is shared here ~ What about foresight? We all know when you join ~!
December 13, 2018 Eason Tan

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