DOX event

January In the name of all DOX colleagues and family members, donated RMB 100,000 to Wuhan front-line medical staff for the procurement of various supplies required by the front-line
January Release of "2019 China Pharmaceutical Industry Talent Insight Report"
In October, DOX Shanghai Office and Chengdu Office moved to new locations
In September, DOX Xi'an Office moved to a new location
In June, it won the honor of "Best Recruitment Service Provider in Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry" from 2018 to 2019
June Incentive Tour in Osaka, Japan
May DOX Guangzhou headquarters moved to a new location
DOX Qingdao Office was established
In July, won the R & D Function Best Headhunting Partner and Enabling Function Best Headhunting Partner Award from Johnson & Johnson China 2016 ~ 2017
June 2016-2017 China's Best Recruitment Service Provider Award in the Pharmaceutical Industry
May Phuket Thailand Incentive Tour
DOX ERP WeChat version launched in April
October DOX new official website launched
In July, won the 2016 Roche Pharmaceuticals "Best Business Partner Award"
DOX Xi'an moved to a new site in June, with an office area of ​​over 200 square meters
May Chengdu Conference
April Won Johnson & Johnson China Best Partner Award 2015
May DOX 10th Anniversary Conference
April DOX new version of ERP system goes online
May Shanxi Pingyao Annual Meeting
In April, the "medical non-mainstream" WeChat public account was launched
DOX Chengdu Representative Office was established
May Korean Jeju Annual Conference
In February, won the Xi'an Janssen Best Service Award
DOX Xi'an Office was established in October
In September, DOX Shanghai relocated to a new site with an office area of ​​over 400 square meters.
May Bangkok Annual Conference, Thailand
February Won the Best Service Award of Xi'an Janssen 2011-2012
May Xi'an Annual Meeting
February DOX Beijing relocated to a new location with more than 200 square meters of office space
DOX Beijing Branch was established
DOX Shanghai Branch was established
DOX was established in Guangzhou in February