Company Profile

DOX DOX is a leading human resources service company focused on the big health industry, dedicated to providing customers with one-stop human resources solutions: from high-end recruitment to batch recruitment, from short-term employment to job outsourcing, from single From services to comprehensive human resource solutions, our services meet customers' changing needs.

The company was founded in February 2005 and is headquartered in Guangzhou. It is a stable and fast-growing company. It currently has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu and Qingdao. Most of our management team comes from the top ten multinational pharmaceutical foreign companies in the global industry. They not only have deep industry knowledge and professional experience, but also have rich local experience and network.

Because of concentration, so professional. With more than 10 years of rich human resources service experience, a professional consultant team, an efficient and standardized internal management system, and a large talent pool, Daoxiang has been committed to providing high-quality and efficient human resources services to domestic and foreign companies. At present, we have become the top 20 recruitment consulting partner of multinational pharmaceutical foreign companies in the global industry and leading domestic pharmaceutical companies in Greater China.

We regard our employees as the company's precious wealth, and promise to create a friendly and respectful working atmosphere for employees, provide complete and competitive compensation and benefits, professional and systematic training, and clear career development planning, and recognize and reward high-performance employees. Committed to providing employees with a platform for long-term development. We firmly believe that employees, companies and customers are long-term partners who grow together.

Our vision: the world's largest and most professional comprehensive recruitment solution provider in the field of life sciences.
Our mission: Let talent and customers achieve each other.
Our core values: Professional (Professional), passion (Passion), human care (People Caring).
Our source: innovation (accept embracing management change).

Daoxiang DOX was named the "Best Recruitment Service Provider in the Pharmaceutical Industry in China" in 2016-2017.
In July 2018, Daoxiang DOX won the title of "Best Recruitment Service Provider in the Pharmaceutical Industry in China" in 2017-2018.
In June 2019, Daoxiang DOX was once again awarded the "Best Recruitment Service Provider in the Pharmaceutical Industry in China" in 2018-2019.

Daoxiang Positioning

Provide full-level, full-featured services



1) Focus:

  • Medical and health industry: Focusing on the medical and health industry for more than 10 years, continuing to focus on industry hotspots and developments, and keeping pace with the industry.
  • Powerful database: Accumulate a large amount of traceable talent information, which can be quickly and accurately recommended, and do regular talent market trend analysis; at present, only candidates in the pharmaceutical industry have entered the database of more than 400,000 people.
  • 一站式的服务:提供全级别和全职能的招聘服务,我们的招聘范围包括中高级管理岗位,批量基础岗位招聘(RPO)。

2) Major:

  • 管理团队和顾问团队
  • Management team: Most of the executives come from Top pharmaceutical foreign companies, with more than 15 years of management experience, and most of the consultant managers have more than 10 years of successful headhunting business and management experience.
    Consultant team: Branches distributed in mainland China, the service scope covers most of the first and second tier cities in the country; they are responsible for different functions and fields, and have rich industry recruitment experience.

  • Work processes and training
  • Through subdivision of the recruitment process, fine-grained management of each link to improve recruitment efficiency and success rate;
        Professional consultants who have been systematically trained are good at digging out the hidden needs of customers for candidates; the job matching rate and positive conversion rate of candidates are at a relatively high level.

  • 内部管理系统
  • Independent research and development, tailor-made headhunting management system, with a powerful search engine and professional system management, to ensure rapid search for candidates and comprehensive process management.

3) Innovation:

  • Business Consulting: Provide value-added services based on industry trends. Provide management consulting such as salary research, organization structure design, and new functional structure construction to help customers better integrate resources and optimize human resources.

Senior Management Team

Derek Zhang
  • In Beijing
  • 超过10年的猎头经验;海外学习经历,并且是一名成功的律师
Mike Lee
General Manager
  • In Guangzhou
  • Over 15 years of national sales management experience in Top10 multinational medical and pharmaceutical companies
Anita Shang
General Manager of Operations
  • In Beijing
  • More than 15 years of working experience in sales, regional markets, training, etc. of multinational medical and pharmaceutical companies
He Lin
Deputy General Manager of Operations
  • In Shanghai
  • Over 20 years of work experience as Medical Director of Top10 Multinational Medical Pharmaceuticals

Our employees

  • 6 offices, more than 100 consultants, covering different fields
  • 1/3的人具有硕士/博士学位或海外留学背景,以及其他来自211大学的本科毕业生
  • 对全体员工进行专业培训以确保服务质量

Company Benefits

Five Insurances and One Gold

Pay five insurances and one fund for employees in accordance with national regulations


Provide employees with outpatient, inpatient and personal accident insurance, etc.

Flexible commuting system

Five days a week, 2 days off, 8 hours a day, flexible commuting hours

System Training

Provide professional recruitment skills, industry knowledge and other training courses

Perfect Holiday

New employees will enjoy 10 working days of paid annual leave and increase each year; and enjoy paid sick leave.

Team Building

Regularly organize team activities, monthly birthday parties, and arrange training, annual meetings and tours every year