Company Profile

As China's leading medical headhunting agency, DOX has become a Chinese company in the world's leading European Taplow multinational high-end headhunting group.

Taplow Group was registered in Luxembourg, Europe in 2002, and its global board of directors and management headquarters are located in the United Kingdom. Taplow Group was selected as the world's largest top 30 multinational headhunting group for 5 consecutive years from 2015 to 2019.
The Taplow Group is distributed in 19 countries in Europe, America, Africa, Oceania, and Asia Pacific, with 36 offices. Countries covered include: Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, India, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States.

DOX was founded in China in 2005, and it has been close to 16 years. With 150 headhunting consultants and 20 technical support teams in 6 offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu and Qingdao, the operating income receivable in fiscal year 2020 is expected to exceed 110 million yuan (approximately 17 million US dollars).
Our business services have expanded from the initial life sciences and healthcare fields to full-industry, full-function, and full-level talent search and matching services. We rely on Taplow's global network to provide talent services for all major industries.

  • All service functions include: personnel and finance, marketing and marketing, R&D and production, supply chain, IT, market access, government relations and corporate affairs, legal affairs and patent protection, and other functional departments.
  • All levels include: President and Vice President, Department Directors and Department Managers, General Managers and Professional Talents. We also provide mass recruitment and recruitment process outsourcing services.
  • Our services also include customized talent maps and consulting services for talent allocation to enter new markets.

From now on, as Taplow China, DOX will provide Taplow's global four core business module services:

  • Executive Search (High-end talent search based on prepaid mode)
  • Human Capital (human capital services)
  • Board Service (Board Service)
  • CEO Institute (CEO Association)

As the world's second largest economy and the world's largest economy in the future, China has a huge market. Multinational corporations and overseas small and medium enterprises entering China need DOX as a Chinese talent expert to provide fast and accurate headhunting services. In turn, China's top companies are expanding their global overseas markets, and Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises need to go overseas to find and hire local talents for overseas trade. The Taplow Group has an 18-year mature headhunting service network in 36 headhunting offices in 19 countries on 5 continents. , Can strongly support the overseas expansion of Chinese companies.

DOX, as a certified and preferred headhunting provider used by many large multinational companies and top Chinese companies, we have been highly recognized by customers in the business competition with faster and higher-quality delivery capabilities, and have won the international recruitment industry many times And various awards from domestic industry associations. For example: In the life sciences and healthcare fields where we started, we are the leading market leaders in this field. From 2016 to 2020, he won the award for the best headhunting company in the only medical industry in China for 5 consecutive years.

Taplow China, since then has all the service capabilities of DOX China, and provides the global service capabilities of the Taplow Group. We can seamlessly search for multinational or domestic talents. Using the group's single point of contact, our customers can get consistent and thorough search services and strictly abide by the highest ethical standards.

Detailed TAPLOW Group Introduction to the Global Group official website:

Daoxiang Positioning

Provide full-level, full-featured services


Our advantages

1) Focus on:

  • Medical and health industry: In the past 10 years, it has focused on the medical and health industry, continuously paying attention to industry hotspots and developments, and constantly maintaining synchronous development with the industry.
  • Powerful database: Accumulates a large amount of trackable talent information, can make rapid and accurate recommendations, and regularly analyzes the talent market trend; at present, only candidates for the pharmaceutical industry have entered the database more than 400,000 people.
  • One-stop service: provide full-level and full-function recruitment services. Our recruitment scope includes middle and senior management positions, batch basic position recruitment (RPO).

2) Major:

  • Management Team and Advisory Team
  • Management Team: Most of the executives are from Top's pharmaceutical foreign companies, with more than 15 years of management experience, and consultant managers mostly have more than 10 years of successful headhunting business and management experience.
    Consultant team: Branches located in various parts of mainland China, with services covering most of the first- and second-tier cities in the country; they are responsible for different functions and areas, and have extensive industry recruitment experience.

  • Workflow and training
  • By subdividing the recruitment process, fine-grained management of each link improves the recruitment efficiency and success rate;
        The professional consultants who have been trained systematically are good at tapping the hidden needs of customers for candidates; the candidate job matching rate and the positive rate are at a high level.

  • Internal Management System
  • Independent research and development, tailor-made headhunting management system, with a powerful search engine and professional system management, to ensure rapid search for candidates and comprehensive process management.

3) Innovation:

  • Business Consulting: Provide value-added services based on industry trends. Provide management consulting such as salary survey, organizational structure design, and new function structure construction to help clients better integrate resources and optimize human resources.

Senior Management Team

Derek Zhang
  • Beijing
  • More than 10 years of headhunting experience; studying abroad and being a successful lawyer
Blake Cai
More than 10 years of headhunting experience; studying abroad and being a successful lawyer
  • Shanghai
  • Shanghai
He Lin
Deputy General Manager
  • Shanghai
  • More than 20 years of experience as a medical director of Top10 multinational medical pharmaceuticals

Our People

  • 6 offices, more than 100 consultants, covering different areas
  • 1/3 of them have a master / doctoral degree or overseas study background, and other undergraduate graduates from 211 universities
  • Professional training for all staff to ensure service quality

Corporate Benefits

Five insurances and one gold

Pay five insurances and one fund for employees in accordance with national regulations

Commercial Insurance

Provide out-patient, hospital and personal accident insurance for employees

Flexible commuting system

Working 5 days a week, 2 days off, 8-hour work day, flexible commuting time

System Training

Provide professional recruitment skills, industry knowledge and other training courses

The perfect holiday

New hires will enjoy 10 working days of paid annual leave and increase year by year; and enjoy paid sick leave.

Team Building

Regular team activities, monthly birthday parties, annual training, annual meetings and tours