TOP foreign company MSL (300-45 million)

Foreign company MA (200,000-300,000)

Foreign company MA (200,000-300,000)

Job Highlights:

1. TOP foreign-funded company 1. In the field of oncology, candidates with MSL experience in non-oncology can be seen

Key Accountabilities:

Competence Profile:

We are now confirming that the MSL recruited has the following positions, 1 in Beijing Urinary Oncology (Prostate Cancer), 1 in Shanghai Transplant (Pulecor), 1 in Chengdu Hematological Oncology (Acute Leukemia), these 3 positions In the future, the direction of looking for candidates will be adjusted. Master's degree, pharmacy, and medicine are required. Candidates with MSL experience can be liberalized. The resume is preferred. Share it internally.

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