Perseverance·Focus|Daoxiang DOX won the 2019~2020 "The RECC Awards of China" China's outstanding recruitment service organization in the pharmaceutical industry

On August 14, the "2019~2020 The RECC Awards of China" hosted by the RECC (China) Recruitment Alliance was grandly announced.

As a headhunting company with 15 years of deep cultivation in the field of life sciences, DOX has a team of executives with 20 years of industry experience, a team of partners with more than 10 years of focus in the field of life sciences, and functional leaders from top companies in the life sciences industry The expert consultant team composed of background has made DOX an absolute leader in this field. The professional and perfect personnel training mechanism, self-developed database, scientific and meticulous data update and management not only ensure the team's self-development needs, but also ensure the professionalism and continuity of customer service. At the same time, DOX has also won multiple awards from customers and the recruitment industry. For the fourth consecutive year, the title of "Excellent Recruitment Service Provider in the Pharmaceutical Industry in China" is not only the recognition of DOX by customers, but also the recognition of our peers.

As a learning organization, DOX has always attached great importance to the continuous development of employees. 15 years of focus has accumulated a set of mature training frameworks for consultants and team managers at different stages. Focus on training courses. This time we won the "Excellent Training and Development Planning Implementation Recruitment Service Agency in China". We are not only honored, but also encouraged. The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from training and Progress, continuous improvement and ensuring the implementation of training is the top priority in our future work.

A good company must have a good leader. As the legal representative and one of the founders of DOX, Mr. Li Hongdao, Mike Lee, won the "Business Leader of the Year for Recruitment Service Organizations in China" Title. He is a low-key, pragmatic and forward-looking leader. When everyone has not paid attention to the very potential market of Big Health, he has led the team to build a systematic company operation mechanism, a solid customer base, and a consultant team with both scale and yield quality. Leading position in health recruitment services. His focus, foresight, courage, and super driving force have led the team to a clear direction, knowing people for good use, trust and authorization, so that his team has self-driven development no matter when and where, so that DOX Achieved well-known achievements.

In addition, DOX also won the nomination award of "Excellent Recruitment Service Organization in China. As a headhunting company focusing on life sciences, DOX can stand out among so many participating companies and be nominated for awards shows that everyone's attention to hunting companies that focus on a single field is gradually increasing; at the same time, DOX is also the only company that focuses on the award. A headhunting company in a single field, this also shows that DOX's development and progress in the field of life sciences have indeed been recognized by everyone.

The selection started on June 15th. After independent application, online voting, and judges scoring, it lasted 2 months and attracted a large number of well-known recruitment agencies. The composition of the judges is diversified. They come from the person in charge of Party A’s recruitment, third-party industry self-media personnel, third-party authoritative platform organizations, etc., through participating in the evaluation of business operation, team professionalism, brand influence, actual customer feedback, and operation Strictly scoring and evaluating more than ten dimensions including strategic model, and finally determining the outstanding recruitment service organization and the nomination award winning organization.

As an authoritative award in the recruitment field, this selection has been held for 6 consecutive years. It aims to promote the development of China's recruitment industry, commend pioneers in business models, market development, customer service, etc., promote industry exchanges, and improve industry service levels. Over 100 companies have applied for participation in the selection this year, setting an example for the development of China's outstanding recruitment service organizations and promoting more active and professional development of China's recruitment industry.