Medical Operation Manager(45-60万)

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Job Summary Job Highlights:

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Responsibility Description Key Accountabilities:

Functional Requirements Competence Profile:

Job purpose, key tasks and responsibilities:
Job purpose, key tasks and responsibilities:
Medical Operation Manager is a role of overseeing medical processes and develop and implementation of Medical program, ensure medical operation with high quality.

The Medical Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the medical processes in China and developing and executing medical projects to ensure high-quality medical operations
Develops, manages, coordinates, integrates and drives projects and initiatives in China , modifying and escalating where appropriate whilst proposing solution, ensure medical excellence
Develop, manage, coordinate, integrate and promote Chinese projects and initiatives, modify and upgrade in due course, and propose solutions to ensure medicine Excellence
Effective and efficient development and implementation of Medical SOPs, guidance, process, metrics and KPIs and monitor adherence and effectiveness of such programs and compliance guidelines whilst resulting in maximum impact
Effectively and efficiently implement medical standard operating procedures, guidelines, processes, indicators and key performance indicators, and monitor the effectiveness and compliance of such programs, while ensuring their expected impact 5 = "" /> Ensure systems and processes in place to efficiently manage KOL engagement by Medical teams, including tools to capture interactions and insights
Ensure that systems and processes can effectively manage the key opinion leaders of the medical team, including tools for acquiring interactions and insights
Oversee the execution of the MED / MSL Operation budget by proactively monitoring and controlling operation expenses.
Monitor the execution of the MED / MSL operation budget by actively monitoring and controlling operating expenses
 Support medical operation lead other programs
Support medical operation lead other programs

Environment / key internal and external stakeholders
Environment / key internal and external stakeholders
Geographical scope of the job: China
Working location: China
Internal stakeholders: Medical, MSL Excellence, Medical Training, Field Effectiveness, Regional Medical Franchise, Market Access
Internal stakeholders: medicine, MSL excellence, medical training, regional medical brand group and market access
External stakeholders: HCPs, Institutions, Industry Associations
External stakeholders: medical professionals, institutions and industry associations

Needed experience, qualifications and competencies
Needed experience, qualifications and competencies
Length and width of previous experience
The breadth and depth of past experience
oFive years of healthcare or related experience (managed markets, clinical practice, research or academic), preferably in Medical Information, Medical Science Liaison or Medical Compliance roles < br wg-5 = "" /> 5 years of health care or related experience (management market, clinical field, research or academic field), workers engaged in medical information, medical science liaison or medical compliance are preferred
Professional qualifications
Professional qualifications
oStrong scientific background; vaccines experience an advantage
Solid Medical background; those with vaccine experience are preferred
Functional / technical competencies
Function / technical capabilities
oFluent in English
Fluent in English
oSoftware, internet, social and media t echnology skills
Familiar with software, Internet, social and media technology
Behavioral competencies
Behavior competence
oSound communication skills
Good communication skills
oIs able to multi-task
Multi-task execution ability
oAnalytical but pragmatic approach with a compliance mindset
Having compliance thinking, good at analysis and pragmatic

 Who can give further information on the job: Joanna ZHANG, China Medical Affairs Head
The following personnel can provide further information about the position: Joanna ZHANG, China Medical Affairs Head
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Send application to:
The deadline for sending applications: [TBD]
The deadline for sending applications: [TBD]

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