How to achieve a win-win situation for multi-party drug procurement?

To what extent will centralized drug procurement reduce the burden of medication? What impact will it have on pharmaceutical manufacturers?

14th reviewed and approved the "National Organization's Pilot Program for Centralized Drug Procurement", which clarified the overall thinking of national organizations, alliance procurement, and platform operations. On the 15th, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Shenyang, Dalian, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Xi'an commissioned a representative procurement office composed of representatives from 11 pilot regions to officially release the "4 + 7 Centralized Drug Purchase Documents" The batch catalog includes 31 varieties including atorvastatin.

To what extent will centralized drug procurement reduce the burden of medication? What impact will it have on pharmaceutical manufacturers?

Trade in quantity to reduce the burden of medicine

"Purchasing with quantity is one of the highlights of this pilot." Gong Bo, deputy director of the Medical Insurance Department of the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, said that before that, pharmaceutical bidding and procurement often only determined a successful bid price with pharmaceutical companies, and could not guarantee it. The quantity of medicines purchased in local hospitals has greatly reduced the effect of centralized procurement.

The so-called purchase with quantity is simply that the state takes part of the market share of the public hospitals in the pilot area to the winning bidder, and promises the sales volume of the drug at the time of bidding, guarantees that it will run out within a certain period of time, and prepays a certain percentage of the purchase amount. . Other unsuccessful bidders can only share the remaining market share in the pilot area. The purpose of purchasing with quantity is to push down the price of medicines by "exchanging quantity with price".

In the "4 + 7 City Drugs Centralized Purchasing Documents", not only the list of 31 purchased varieties was announced, but also the purchase amount of each variety was agreed. "The 4 + 7 pilot areas together account for about one-third of the country's market, which will have a strong appeal to pharmaceutical companies. Through the market-based bidding among enterprises, it will fully play the role of price in quantity." Gong Bo said.

The reporter learned that the quantity procurement policy stipulates that: 3 or more shortlisted production companies constitute full competition and the lowest quotation is obtained; 2 shortlisted production companies do not constitute full competition and adopt the method of bargaining purchase ; If there is only one shortlisted production company, the negotiation and purchase method is adopted.

The industry expects that the estimated short-term price reduction of 3 or more companies will be 40%; there are 2 competing companies that are expected to reduce the price by 20%; only 1 bidder will be expected to reduce 10%.

Multilateral win-win situation, enterprises expand market share

"Medical insurance and patients get relatively low prices, and companies get market share." Gong Bo said that the state's centralized drug procurement will have a multi-win result, and the company will also be the beneficiary.

Gong Bo said that because of the promised purchase quantity, the company no longer has to worry about product sales after winning the bid, which can save a lot of costs in promotion, distribution and other links.

"China's pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises have many problems such as small and medium-sized enterprises, large number of generic pharmaceutical companies, low sales amounts, and low industry concentration. Purchasing with volume is important for enterprises to increase research and development investment, increase industry concentration, and promote enterprise transformation and upgrading. Meaning. "Wei Zijing, an expert in medical reform, said.

It is understood that before this, some cities such as Shanghai have successively piloted strip purchases. Judging from the data of the first two batches of procurement carried out in Shanghai, the market share of the successful bidders has increased significantly. Enterprises that originally had less than 10% of the market can reach nearly 100% of the market within one year after the implementation of the volume procurement. If no lower bidding price appears, the winning bidder can renew the bid. Compared with Shanghai's belt purchase policy, the country's belt purchase policy also adopted stronger measures to ensure the completion of hospital rebates and contract sales, which helped the winning bidders to further consolidate their market share.

Hu Haixin, a researcher at Guohai Securities, believes that the volume model conforms to the direction of medical reform, but it is not a day's work. The promotion of the volume purchase model is subject to the number of varieties and the progress of consistency evaluation. The implementation effect still needs to balance the interests of multiple parties such as hospitals, doctors, and patients.

Hubei's analysis points out that companies with overall cost advantages can quickly improve the competitive landscape through volume purchases, especially for generic drugs that have passed the consistency evaluation first, and their opportunities to replace imported drugs will increase, which can be based on price. The advantages are quickly realized, the market share is most flexible, and the market share of the original research drug may be squeezed further.

Focusing on implementation, setting high barriers to suppliers

"The system is well designed, and the key is to implement it properly." Gong Bo said that at the national level, the centralized procurement of drugs will be strengthened at the implementation level.

"The quality of patient medication will be greatly improved." Gong Bo said that the state's centralized procurement of drugs has set a high threshold for suppliers, and the bidding drugs must be of the same quality and efficacy as the original drug and the generic drug approved by the State Drug Administration. Sexual evaluation of generic drugs to ensure therapeutic effects.

Gong Bo said that after the centralized procurement of medicines, the medical insurance department will cooperate with the health department to start from the aspects of construction, rational use of medicines, comprehensive evaluation of clinical medicines, etc., and increase supervision of medical institutions to ensure that the agreed procurement volume is implemented. At the same time, a series of medical insurance support policies will be introduced to promptly pay for purchases in quantities to protect the legitimate rights and interests of pharmaceutical companies and increase their enthusiasm.

"In this way, the three elements of quality, quantity, payment and quantity purchase are all satisfied." Gong Bo said that strong implementation can ensure the continuous operation of the centralized procurement system and achieve good results. This was the previous provincial tender. It's hard to do.

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