Car-T Mic(12-21万)

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职位概要 Job Highlights:

职责描述 Key Accountabilities:

1. 通过合理频率的拜访来了解医院的相关科室设置、与疾病相关的医护人员的情况、医生的处方观念,选择正确的目标医护人员,进行产品信息、治疗指南等信息的正确传递;
Understand hospital’s relevant department settings through reasonable frequency of visits, the situation of disease-related HCPs, and the prescription concept of physicians, select the right target HCPs, and accurately deliver product information, treatment guidelines and so forth;
2. 有效地将目标客户进行分级管理,提高信息传递的效率,以使与产品相关的医生能够尽快全面地了解产品信息;
Effectively grade the target HCPs to improve the efficiency of information delivery, so as to make HCPs involved in the product fully understand the product information;
3. 独立组织小型学术会议,包括科室会,圆桌会,病例分享会等,面对医生进行产品相关幻灯演讲,并熟练处理医护人员的疑义;
Independently organize small academic conferences, including department meetings, round table meetings, case sharing sessions, etc., give product-related slide presentations to physicians, and handle the doubts of HCP with proficiency;
4. 有效地收集HCP对产品的医学方面的问题,及时反馈给市场部、医学部,以能更专业地给医生及时解答;
Effectively Collect HCP’s medical questions about products, and timely feedback to the marketing department and medical department, so as to be able to provide timely answers to HCP in a more professional manner;
5. 协助市场部举办区域的推广活动,包括参会人员邀请、客户陪同、后勤协调等;
Assist the Marketing Department in organizing regional promotion activities, including participants invitation, customers company, logistics coordination, etc.;
6. 协助上级进行医院管理层、医务处、药剂科等医院职能部门进行定期拜访,以使医院管理层面更充分地了解公司产品治疗情况;
Assist the superiors in the hospital management, medical department, pharmacy department and other hospital functional departments to make regular visits, so that the hospital management level can better understand the treatment situation of company’s products;
7. 协助完成招标、医保事务、准入等相关的工作;
Assist in the completion of tenders, medical insurance services, access and other related work;
8. 合法收集市场、竞争对手等的动向,及时反馈给上级或者市场部;
Legally collect the trends of the market and competitors, and timely feedback to superiors or marketing department;
9. 按时完成公司各项培训,确保推广过程符合国家法律、公司合规政策、以及道德规范;
Complete the company’s training on time to ensure that the promotion process complies with national laws, company compliance policies, and ethics;
10. 药物警戒,及时上报PV事件。

职能需求 Competence Profile: