Reliability Lead(20-30万)

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职位概要 Job Highlights:

Plan, develop and manage implementation of reliability improvement strategies aligned with Global Reliability Standards. This position is a highly cross functional strategic role to proactively analyze asset reliability and downtime data to identify current and potential defects working in collaboration with Maintenance & Calibration, Facilities & Utilities, Engineering and Quality. Optimize asset reliability, maintainability, availability, longevity and operational safety through application of Reliability Centered Maintenance strategies and other Equipment Availability techniques for our Production process equipment and site utility systems such as HVAC, water and steam systems.
规划,发展和管理符合全球可靠性标准的可靠性改进战略的实施。这一职位将是高度跨职能的战略角色,将协同工艺设备维护,公用设施及动力, 项目工程和质量,对资产可靠性和停机时间数据进行预防性的分析,以确定当前及潜在系统缺陷。通过采用可靠性为中心的维护策略和其他设备可用性技术优化资产的可靠性,可维护性,可用性,使用寿命和操作安全性,为我们的生产过程设备和现场公用事业系统(如HVAC,水和蒸汽系统)提供可靠性技术支持。

职责描述 Key Accountabilities:

● Collaborate with F&U and M&C Maintenance Teams to resolve and prevent reliability defects by removing validated root causes and verifying effectiveness of solutions.

● Strategically plan, develop and oversee Predictive Maintenance programs.
● Lead analysis of Predictive Maintenance program data with Maintenance Data Lead.
● Analyze routine maintenance practices and assist F&U and M&C Maintenance Supervisor to initiate and implement maintenance process changes that reduce equipment and system downtime.
● Document and prioritize system reliability issues, enabling Maintenance Supervisors and System Owners in presenting recommended modifications for existing equipment to Engineering.
● Regularly apply theories and principles from one’s technical / professional discipline to independently address a variety of problems of moderate scope.
● Conduct Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) with Maintenance Teams on production and utility equipment and systems.
● Support Engineering to develop tools and processes to improve reliability and maintainability during the project design phase.
● Provide training to F&U, M&C, and Engineering on general principles of reliability.
● Assist other F&E functions by managing the implementation of tools, processes, and programs developed by Reliability to align with their business goals.
● Communicate reliability program efforts within the organization by maintaining Reliability KPI’s to measure the effectiveness of Reliability tools, processes, and programs and adjust accordingly to optimize performance and cost effectiveness of reliability programs.
● Proactively collaborate with the Global Reliability Community to learn best practices and share site needs.
● Socialize Global Reliability Community best practices and harmonize local implementation with Maintenance Team business goals and system owner expectations.
● Support and sustain LPS initiatives by developing Reliability tools, processes, and programs aligned with LPS principles.
● Provide support and input to Asset Management Strategy revisions, aligning with Global Reliability standards.
● Identify the customers that are the recipient of Reliability technical services. Utilize tools such as CRM/Helpdesk, SPOC to establish this understanding and document accordingly.
确定是工厂工程技术服务接受者的客户。 利用工具,如CRM / Helpdesk,SPOC来建立这种理解和文件。
● Deliver technical service according to established service level agreements.
● Takes accountability to balance customer expectation and value for Roche.
● Seek feedback from customers and/or stakeholders on performance and personal ability to meet expectation.
● Takes ownership for problem resolution and escalates as appropriate.

职能需求 Competence Profile:

● SAP PM maintenance module knowledge
● Spare parts strategies for GMP & Non-GMP equipment.
● Developing proactive maintenance programs, including predictive maintenance and LPS methodologies.
● Knowledge in pharmaceutical solids manufacturing with high containment technology.
● Familiar with Lean and 6 sigma methodologies.

B.S. in Engineering or equivalent with 8 or more years pharmaceutical or related technology experience in industry after receiving their Bachelor’s degree, at least four of which involved in maintenance and reliability for GMP facilities or semiconductor industry.

Leadership Competencies领导者胜任力
● Leadership expectations of this position include coaching and developing Tactical Reliability Engineers
● Develop effective relationships with key customers and stakeholders in order to understand their business and expectations.
● Focus on creating customer value by customer as the center of F&E Reliability expertise.
● This position is accountable to ensure business practices and work execution align to the Roche ”Right to Operate” philosophy, ensuring compliance with regulatory and government agency requirements.
负责确保业务流程和工作的执行与罗氏的”Right to Operate” 的理念一致,确保符合法律及政府机构的要求。
● Inspire innovation within F&E by building trustful and effective relationships
● Deliver results by taking responsibility, driving results, and achieving expected outcomes
● Innovate by actively seeking learning
● Champions self-initiated or assigned projects. Justifies project goals to colleagues. Acts as a mentor for those with similar or less Reliability expertise within and outside of the Reliability function.

Job Required Competencies岗位所需胜任力
Experience as maintenance and/or reliability lead in the pharmaceutical industry.

● Strategic thinker
● Complies with cGMP requirements.
● Technical knowledge regarding implementation of Reliability throughout the lifecycle of an asset.
● Must have demonstrated ability to develop and deploy reliability tools and programs and ability to work independently.
● Respond timely and communicate efficiently to customers. 及时响应并有效地与客户沟通。
● Seek feedback from customers and stakeholders on performance and your ability to meet expectations. 了解客户利益和期望,以满足用户期望。
● Take appropriate steps to improve feedback. 积极和用户沟通。
● Takes accountability to balance customer expectations and value for Roche. 良好的责任心平衡用户期望和罗氏价值。
● Must have excellent organizational, communication, personal work management and writing skills.必须具备出色的组织,沟通,个人工作管理及写作能力。
● Actively engage the Roche Global Reliability Community to share and learn best practices.

Language skills语言技能:
Skilled in reading professional materials/能熟练地阅读专业资料
Good listening, speaking and writing English ability/英语听说和写作能力佳

Computer skills计算机技能:
Familiar with SAP
Skilled in using Office software, Ex. Word, Excel, Project/熟练使用Office软件,如Word、Excel, Project